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METS is an electronic timesheet system that reduces paperwork and effort by allowing the team to complete time-sheets electronically. This app allows user to record time using a start-stop timer, and post the time spent working on jobs into METS ready for approval by supervisor. Use the METS web dashboard to view all the timers that are running for the team. The timesheet entry and export to the payroll systems are completely customisable, allowing for smooth integration within the organisation. It is developer-friendly with a comprehensive REST API, support for web hooks and automations.


Refit Planner is an iOS Application made by McKay Software. This project has two platforms, mobile and website. I was taking responsibility for the iOS application. It is my final project at McKay Software and also it’s a project that is designed and developed by myself from the first version. The important part of this project is to make sure the time recorder is always accurate. Therefore, it must be maintaining synchronisation with the timer in server, no matter what kind of situation the time is always running the same with server timer. I used Alamofire to achieved this part of feature.

  • Swift 3.0
  • Framework involved:
    • SVProgressHUD
    • Alamofire
    • POP Animation
  • Device support:
    • iPhone
  • Platform:
    • Mobile
    • Website


Mt Wellington, Auckland 1060
New Zealand