Real-time broadcasting air quality and weather information for more than 50 countries. This self-project is ongoing developing at moment.

Mihi Mai

Mihi Mai is a New Zealand maori designed social network application. it's to capture and share the authenticity and uniqueness of Maori culture by creating a social network based on core Maori beliefs and traditional principles.


An electronic timesheet system that reduces paperwork and effort by allowing your team to complete time-sheets electronically.

Gymme Diary

A personal exercise recorder application. User could use it as an assistant tool helping user to record all the workout information like a diary book, and analysis the effectiveness of their workout so user can use it to manage their workout plan.


A mobile data collection App that allows vessel captains, owners and operators to gather information relating to maintenance, refit and repair work specification compilation.


A project management tool based around tracking the installation of cables


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New Zealand