Gymme Diary

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Gymme Diary a.k.a Gym Workout Manager is a personal exercise recorder application. User could use it as an assistant tool helping user to record all the workout information like a diary book, and analysis the effectiveness of their workout so user can use it to manage their workout plan.


This was my first iOS mobile application project. I used Realm for datastore. All movement information is from Core Motion. Framework involved: Realm, Charts / Realm, AVOS Cloud.

What could improve?

Feature for next stage, will be adding automatic workout plan generator section, and access movement information from HealthKit instead of core motion. The propose for this app feature will be to load fitness information accurately. In addition, it can get more health information like heart rate from other device, much like the iWatch and/or Fitbit.

  • Swift 3.3
  • Framework involved:
    • Realm
    • AVOSCloud
    • Charts/Realm
    • POP Animation
  • Device support:
    • iPhone
  • Platform:
    • Mobile


Mt Wellington, Auckland 1060
New Zealand